Not all of us set out to be whisky snobs, and buying a whisky book smacks of more than a hint of anorak-ism; a symbolic damnation to an eternal malt-induced madness that never stops till you have a full library. Surely there must be a book out there that has practical information that everyone can use?

Whisky: The Manual, by Dave Broom might just be that book. Dave is undisputedly one of the eminent commentators  on the subject of whisky, with a slew of highly-regarded books under his belt – the sort that anoraks tend to nod approvingly of – and that makes The Manual all the more intriguing.

Unlike most whisky literature, The Manual has no intention to make you an expert on the subject. Instead, it provides practical information on the myriad of things you can do to enjoy whisky, and touches on many subjects that aren’t covered by its contemporaries. This is includes food pairings, cocktail recipes, and God forbid for the whisky nuts, the art of mixing whisky with cola and green tea. Certainly handy material to have around when you have a house guest that isn’t partial to whisky.

Look out for our review soon; but if you can’t wait, you can buy it off Amazon here.


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