If you’re a huge rum fan you may already have heard of Sugarhall, the country’s first rum-focused establishment that combines a Western grill house with the most extensive selection of rums from across the world.

Located at Amoy Street next to bespoke cocktail establishment Jigger & Pony – and founded by the same folks – the year-old Sugarhall offers over 110 varieties of rum (rhum) as curated by principal bartender Stuart Danker (pictured below) and bar programme director Aki Eguchi, some which are painstakenly hand-carried back from their travels.

The idea for Sugarhall – sugar, the product by which rum is made, and hall, for a place where people gather – came about when the people at Jigger & Pony had a spontaneous get-together at a backyard grill and a bottle of rum; three rum punch bowls and several flame-grilled ribeye steaks later convinced the owners that an F&B concept combining both may work.

“It was such a feel-good combination of rum, cocktails, simple grilled goodness and great company,” shares Indra Kantono, co-owner of Jigger & Pony and Sugarhall. “That is exactly what Sugarhall is all about.”


Rum fans would be delighted at the sprawling assortment of rums that range from more delicate Spanish style rums to the punchier English style rums and richer English style demerara rum, as well as French Agricole rhums made from cane juice. There’s really a rum here to fit most palates, and those with a little bit more spending power may want to consider limited edition rums such as Diplomatico Single Vintage 2000 and Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2013. We highly recommend the Zafra Master Reserve 21YO from Panana which has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels, as well as the very rare and absolutely delicious Diamond 1999 by Demerara Distillers Ltd from Guyana.


For those who find drinking rums neat a little hard to swallow, Sugarhall offers a cocktail list of around 18 cocktails – of which more than half are rum-based – to titillate the palate. Try the Bumbo Old Fashioned, a rum take on the classic cocktail that uses El Dorado 12 Year-Old rum in place of the traditional bourbon, along with demerara sugar, cinnamon as well as a in-house nutmeg tincture (that sees nutmeg sou-vide for maximum flavour extraction). Otherwise the Coconut Daiquiri, made with Mount Gay Eclipse with coconut and lime, can provide a refreshing yet expressive thirst quencher.

Those more adventurous can try the Crystal Milk Martini, a sweet, sour and milky concoction derived from Black Cow Vodka – distilled from milk – along with a milk punch that’s been clarified in-house twice using their own technique.

Those feeling the munchies can consider the rather tasty House-made Cold Cuts that includes duck prosciutto, beef pastrami, country pate, chicken liver mousse, piccalilli, and the most delightfully pickled grapes this side of Planet Earth.

And if you’re really peckish, well, Sugarhall is a grill house. Even better, it’s introduced a new supper menu running from 10pm to midnight with eats such as Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Sugarhall Ramen, and Hanger Steak & Fries to ease those late night hunger pangs.


Sugarhall is located at 102 Amoy Street.




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