Now that Archipelago Brewery‘s most recent limited-edition brew Bière Brut has come to its last dregs, the APB-owned local craft brewery will be releasing its replacement, the Hopsale.

Hopsale is a small batch American pale ale that, according to head brewer Robert Beck, uses a mix of eight different American and South Pacific hops – for the beer geeks among us the brewery used Nugget, Centennial, Chinook and Cascade hops from America, and Ella, Galaxy and the rare Victoria Secret and Enigma hops from Australia. Added in at different stages of the brew, the use of these hops result in a beer with surprisingly low bitterness yet bright and fresh hop aromas.

Along with the new beer, Archipelago is also revamping its branding for its limited-edition range. “The concept and artwork for Hopsale was totally developed in-house,” said Malcolm Paul Davies, the new head of Archipelago Brewery. Davies – who used to handle sales for the Fosters Group (now Carlton & United Beverages) and previously owned the Prince of Wales pub in Singapore’s Boat Quay – replaces Hoshang Meta, who has moved on to a different portfolio within the APB-Heineken umbrella.

“The tagline – ‘more hops than a bunny on a pogo stick’ – tells you exactly what to expect from Hopsale,” added Davies.

Archipelago has also revealed that the next limited-edition beer will be launched earlier than expected, and will debut alongside Hopsale at the upcoming Beerfest Asia – the White Chocolate Cream Ale is an American style beer with the subtle taste of white chocolate, earthy hops and toasted malts that’s topped off with a smooth, creamy head of foam.

Hopsale will be available from end this week at all Archipelago concept outlets. Now the only question left begging: do we pronounce Hopsale as hops ale, or hop sale?



Archipelago Limited Edition Hopsale

Maker: Archipelago Brewery (Asia Pacific Breweries)
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5%



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