If there’s a complaint one can have about cocktails, is that you have whip one out on your own if you’re not at the bar. But be it after a long day at work, or hosting a huge party, there’ll be days where making a cocktail from scratch might not be something you’d be particularly keen on.

So this is where Sunday Punch comes in. Think of it as an instant cocktail: pour a serving, add ice to taste and fancy umbrellas for mood. Sunday Punch was started by Yap Hwee Jen and Mark Tay, both of whom have extensive experience in public relations and media. They built up a good relationship with local bartenders over the years, and found this a good way to collaborate.

Just because well-made cocktails can’t be made cheaply doesn’t mean that economies of scale can’t make your drinks relatively cheap. According to the founders, their cocktails work out to approximately less than a third of what you would typically pay at a bar. Now you don’t have to pay through the nose every time you hanker for one, and more importantly, you don’t need to go through a lot of trouble just to get a glass. Part of its charm lies in its simplicity and no-fuss preparation, which is great especially when hosting a good number of friends. Or if you’re just plain lazy.

Sunday Punch bottles

The batches are understandably small – about 30 or even less – as quality is prized over quantity. As Mark explains, the batches are small so as to ensure the freshness of the cocktails, which keep for 4-6 months unopened, and one month if opened and stored in a refrigerator. No citrus is used in their cocktails, which helps it to keep a little a longer.

“Fewer bottles helps with freshness mainly because the four-to-six month period begins from the time the bottle is capped. So just to be sure we give our customers the maximum amount of time they can hold a bottle we don’t order a massive batch. Of course, we encourage our customers to consume the bottles or gift them as soon as they can,” said Mark.

Sunday Punch hopes to present 12 cocktails in a year, but that depends on how quickly its stocks are sold as well. Currently they have a more pleasant problem; recurring requests for their existing cocktails have seen to it that they’re still producing new batches of existing offerings. However, Mark intimated that two new cocktails will be launched in the next couple of weeks, so keep a look out for those.

If you need more information about what Sunday Punch has in store, email info@drinksundaypunch.com or check out the rest of the site.

Available Cocktails


Tanqueray London Dry Gin with a blend of pineapples, lemon grass as well as kaffir lime leaves and a touch of extra dry French vermouth. 23% ABV, 500ml, serves 8-10


Bramble B

Chambord – a decadent liqueur that is an infusion of red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla and XO cognac, paired with the botanicals of Tanqueray gin and finish off with a touch of citrus extract. Starts off tart and refreshing and ends sweet as the ice melts. 20% ABV, 500ml, serves 8-10

Bramble B


Remy Martin Cognac, Elderflower Liqueur and Cynar, laced with coffee-infused vermouth – a decadent blend that packs a serious punch of flavour. 26% ABV, 500ml, serves 8-10



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