Not shaken, not stirred.

Rolled, please?

That might not roll off the tongue quite so well, but the name Konga Shaker sure does. Once the epitome of cool in the 1930s, this virtually extinct shaker has been given a new lease of life. William Grant & Sons (WGS), or rather, Monkey Shoulder has revived this unique shaker and will be bringing it to bars all around the world.

The Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker takes its cue from the classic Kromex Konga Shaker, complete with a host of improvements to better serve the bartenders of today. It retains the stainless steel cylinder, red plastic handles, and features useful updates, particularly to the sieve to simplify assembly and perfect the pour. It’s also larger, allowing three and four cocktails to be made at one time for efficiency.


With rotating handles to mix cocktails using a rolling motion, the Konga Shaker is as unique now as it was in the 1930s. Even so, it was consigned to history books and doomed to appear only in auctions and private collections.

Until now, of course.

Monkey Shoulder has decided to recreate a limited quantity produced exclusively for the bartending community around the world, including Singapore (of course).

So if you want to catch the Konga Shaker in action, head down to Employees Only, The Flagship, 28 Hong Kong Street and Cufflink Club from 25 July to 24 August, and err, roll back the years…

Participating Bars


28 Hong Kong StreetBrendon Khoo
Blushing MantisMonkey Shoulder, Pineapple Syrup, Lime Juice, Aperol, Green Chartreuse, Saline Solution



Cufflink ClubAndrew Goodall
Monkey’s Tail: Monkey Shoulder, Lime Juice, Crème de Cacao, Orange Juice, Crème de Poire, Allspice Syrup, Angostura



The FlagshipJerrold Khoo
The Thirsty Monkey: Monkey Shoulder, Lemon Juice, Flagship Blackberry Blend, Mint, Tonic



Employees OnlyBen Poh
Monkey Kong-A!: Monkey Shoulder, Grapefruit Juice, Passion Fruit, Ginger, Berry Tea, Angostura


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