Rasa Fiesta Singapura will take place from Monday 10 July to Friday 14 July, and will see various bar and restaurant venues in Singapore promote rum and rum cocktails during the inaugural rum festival.

Rum – that heavenly spirit distilled from sugarcane spirit or molasses – is sometimes seen as a poor cousin to other brown spirits like whisky or brandy, but that’s exactly the perspective Destination Beverage is trying to change. That’s why the spirits importer and distributor has organised Rasa Fiesta Singapura, a week-long rum festival that will see official venue partners such as Sugarhall, Vasco, Potato Head, Bread Street Kitchen, and Lime House promoting rums from all over the world such as Abuelo, Appleton Estate, Don Papa, Saint James, and Sailor Jerry.

During the week, each of the participating bars and restaurants will offer rum flights and specially concocted rum cocktails – with prices ranging from S$15-25 – crafted to represent a specific rum brand.  The bars themselves will be decked out in distinctive décor to depict the origin of the rum, whether they are from Panama, Jamaica, Martinique, or the Philippines. Lime House, for example, will be featuring the rums of Jamaica’s Appleton Estate, Potato Head Singapore will feature Panamian rum brand Abuelo, while you’ll find Sailor Jerry from the US Virgin Islands planted in Sugarhall (we hear there’ll be Sailor Jerry pin-up girls serving you drinks between 9-11pm each evening).

The festival will culminate in a street party on Jiak Chuan Road on Saturday, 15 July 2017, where revelers can partake in a day’s worth of entertainment, feasting, and drinking. From 12.00pm to 10.30pm, Jiak Chuan Road will be transformed into a massive outdoor Tiki bar filled with music, bright lights, and dance parties. Official partners in the area such as Lime House and Phat Cat Laundry will dish out tropical concoctions from roadside booths offering cocktails priced from S$10.

“With Rasa Fiesta Singapura, Destination Beverage aims to celebrate the rich and diverse aspects of cultures in which rum is a pillar: South American, Caribbean, and the Philippines. The liquid, derived from sugar cane, is earthly and accessible to everyone – rum is, after all, the base of all-time favorite cocktails: daiquiri, mojito, pina colada, and mai tai. Yet, rum can also reveal complexity with some blends aged as long as the best whiskies,” says Mr. Ralph Vetea Lee from Destination Beverage.

“We hope Rasa Fiesta Singapura will open up the various facets of rum to a wider audience,” Mr. Lee adds.

Photo credit: Appleton Estate


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