BAM! at Tras Street introduces a special weekday happy hour tapas with sake pairing omakase menu on Mondays that will put a smile on your face.

When BAM! renovated and expanded from an intimate sake-tapas bar back in November 2016 to a fully-fitted restaurant spanning some three shop house units on Tras Street, one of the things it had always wanted to do was overhaul its menu to offer full omakase. Omakase (お任せ in Japanese), meaning ‘I entrust to you’, is a Japanese dining experience where diners allow the chef to decide on the different courses – generally based on seasonal availability of ingredients – they will be having. BAM! finally introduced a full omakase experience in June this year, allowing executive chef Pepe Moncayo to fully express his culinary creativity.

But on the sides of the four-, six-, and eight-course omakase dinner menus, a four-course omakase set lunch menu, and even an evening dessert omakase menu it introduced was this happy hour tasting menu at BAM! that had slipped by the radars of most people. Following its creed of ‘modern’ shudo – that is, offering a contemporary way of appreciating sake through food – the happy hour tasting menu at BAM! puts together five different tapas with five different sakes for the ultimate sake and food pairing experiment.

And while food and sake pairings aren’t exactly new, pairing sakes with the fusion Spanish-Japanese dishes certainly can be. Take for example the traditional Spanish roasted Padron Peppers, given a Japanese twist with sesame and bonito flakes. Here BAM! recommends the pairing with a Tedorigawa Shukon Junmai Ginjo (Origin: Yamagata, Alc: 15.5% SMV:+1 RPR 50 & 55%). Then there’s Ankimo Tofu with Avruga Caviar and Allioli which incorporates the Japanese monkfish liver pate into tofu but acquires Western touches with caviar and aioli, and comes with a Michisakari Yuujo Junmai Daiginjo (Origin: Gifu, Alc: 15.5% SMV: +12 RPR 45%).

You might find too a Sakura Ebi Omelette with Smoked Apple Puree and Panko that comes with a Sakunohana Ginjo Karakuchi (Origin: Nagano, Alc: 15% SMV: +8 RPR 59%), a smoky Scamorza A La Plancha, Artichoke Puree, Pine Nuts, Sweet Pea Sprouts, Sake Butter, Kumquats with a Chikuha Noto Junmai (Origin: Ishikawa, Alc: 15~16%, SMV: +1 RPR 55%), or a well-executed Pork Jowl, Endives, Mashed Potato, Rosti, Sorrel that went swimmingly well with a Ura Gazanryuu Honjozo (Origin: Yamagata, Alc: 14% SMV: +2 RPR 65%).

At just $48++ per person, BAM!’s omakase sake and tapas happy hour tasting menu is a fun way to experience Chef Pepe’s expertise without the full commitment of pricier multiple course meals, and also to be adventurous with different sakes.

BAM! Tapas Sake Bar’s sake-tapas tastings happy hour (S$48++ for five sakes and five tapas) is available every Monday from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Do note that dishes and sake will change depending on seasonality and availability.

Address 38 Tras Street, Singapore 078977
Opening Hours 12pm to 2pm Tuesday to Fridays (lunch); 6pm to 10.30pm Mondays to Thursdays, 6pm to 11.30pm Fridays and Saturdays (dinner); closed on Sundays
Tel (65) 6226 0500
Facebook bamsingapore
Instagram @bam.singapore


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