True to its name, Trouble Brewing has been making a name for itself with its involvement with local bars – this time it’s the Loco Group that’s worked with them on a range of Mexican-inspired craft beers.

Apart from the fact that the Loco Group runs a chain of Mexican eateries, the founders Ajay Parag and Christian Tan were also inspired by their time in Mexico and were compelled to create fresh Mexican-inspired brews right here in Singapore. As such, the collaboration with Trouble Brewing was almost a given, as you could then brew without preservatives and the like and still be able to create bespoke beers that can be served fresh. They spent six months to create a range of four cervezas that captured their personal experience of Mexico.

These brews were designed to be extremely drinkable, so you don’t have to worry that they won’t be agreeable with your less adventurous friends. “We are confident the beers brewed by Trouble Brewing and their certified master brewer Gregg Speirs will be very well received with beer lovers – and even those who typically don’t drink beer!” Said Parag.

And because the beers are light and agreeable, it’s the perfect companion for Super Loco’s food menu. Sometimes a beer is just a beer, eh?

Tulum Verano (S$13)

Seriously, why drink Corona when there’s Tulum Verano? Dreamt up while basking on the sandy beaches of Tulum in the summer of 2012, this summer ale is perfect for us: beaches? Check. Tropical sun? Check. This perky little number takes its cue from traditional Mexican beers and also features a light, citrusy tang, thanks to a combination of Nelson Sauvin (soft New Zealander that hints of grapes) and citrus hops. It’s hard to stop at one.

Pesado (S$13)

The luchador is possibly the only recognisable word when it comes to Mexican wrestling, but now thanks to beer, you learn yet another – the Pesado is the heavyweight-class lucha libre, and is also the name christened for their pilsner in the range. It’s certainly a little heavier than your typical pilsner with notes of pear and earthy hop, and it’s very well-suited for spicy salsa dishes.

Nuevo Gringo (S$13)

Cross-border shenanigans abound with this North-American-style Pale Ale, appropriately or inappropriately named ‘new foreigner’, simply because it’s designed to be loud (no prizes for guessing who) – but clean and refreshing as well. A hoppy, full-bodied pale ale with a fruity zing, thanks in part to the Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. Deep fried wings, anyone? No offence, but we’d think these will be better received than those familiar visitors…

Mayan Dark (S$13)

Outside of beer-drinking community, stouts are pretty marmite – you like it or you don’t. No fear of that here: cult-favourite Mayan Dark ($13) is best described as a dark ale, crossed with a traditional stout. With rich cocoa and smooth coffee notes, the brew is a nod to the revered cacao plant in the ancient Mesoamerican civilisation, a collective of indigenous cultures that developed in Mexico and Central America.

Joseph Barratt, Co-Founder and CEO of Trouble Brewing adds: “The Trouble Brewing crew are huge fans of The Loco Group’s restaurants, and developing this series of unique beers with them was an exciting journey. We understood their vision for customers to feel the Mexican stories behind the beers, and carefully chose hops and ingredients to achieve that customised taste. Customers will also find that the flavour profile of each beer pairs very well with the delicious food at each of the restaurants.”

So if it’s comfort food and drinks that you want, head down to Super Loco Customs House after a long day at work (and a hot one too) to be thoroughly refreshed. The beers are also available at Super Loco Robertson Quay and Lucha Loco.


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