Since 2015, the House of Krug has made it a point to explore the possibilities of a single ingredient through partnerships with talented chefs around the world. This year we see Krug x Pepper.

We’ve seen champagne brand Krug experiment with the humble egg, the similarly unassuming potato, the down-to-earth mushroom as well as the adaptable fish when it comes to their culinary collaborations with top restaurants across the world, and even in Singapore. This year they’ve chosen pepper, and three Krug Chef Ambassades in Singapore – Kirk Westaway of JAAN by Kirk Westaway, Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida of Hashida Sushi and Tristin Farmer of Zén – have put their creativity to the test by fashioning delectable dishes that showcase the many facets of pepper, which pair beautifully with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée 166ème Édition.

The Langoustine’s Garden (JAAN by Kirk Westaway)

The reimagination of Westway’s iconic English Garden dish was inspired by a recent trip to the birthplace of pepper: Mexico. Taking its cue from Mole, a national staple, The Langoustine’s Garden is a testament to what one can achieve with humble ingredients. His creation is a delectable assortment of fresh, steamed vegetables, served with mole made from poblano peppers, and topped with a grilled Langoustine from Mozambique. With its myriad of textures and subtle flavours that also allow the peppers to shine through, it makes you wonder why we bother with gimmicks like impossible burgers.

Crab and Sea-Eel Dumpling Soup with Timur Pepper (Hashida Sushi)

Hashida took Singapore’s version of Bak Kut Teh (Malaysians please hold your boos for another day), which is characteristically peppery, as the starting point for his creation. The result is a soup made with Japanese bonito and kelp and topped with Timur Pepper, which adds distinct, fragrant notes of passion fruit and is the perfect foil for the savoury base. To cap it off the soup is accompanied with a crab and sea eel dumpling wrapped in cabbage with a gold leaf for a fittingly indulgent touch.

Yubari Melon Sorbet, Wild Strawberries, Espelette Pepper & Nasturtium (Zén) 

You might not think to use Espelette Pepper in a dessert but that’s exactly what Tristin did. The smokey sweetness complements the Sorbet perfectly, and the result is a palate cleanser that is equal parts refreshing and playful. And for the kicker, Krug Grand Cuvée is poured over the sorbet tableside, adding subtle layers of fruit flavours, and not so subtle layers of unbridled indulgence.

The three dishes will be available till end August as part of a special Krug x Pepper menu, but you have to make a request for The Langoustine’s Garden in advance of booking. If you’re looking to give yourself a treat, we can’t think of many at the moment that will top this.

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