It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, and to celebrate the occasion The Straits Wine Company is for the month of April throwing a special promotion on sustainable, natural, organic and biodynamic wines.

Fans of sustainable, natural, organic, and biodynamic wines, take note. For the entire month of April, wine importer and retailer The Straits Wine Company will be throwing a special promotion on such eco-friendly wines to celebrate Earth Day, which takes place on 22 April.

Over the years our globe has seen many environmental problems – grievous pollution of all sorts, loss of biodiversity, and climate change, among others – that have impacted many aspects of life. And winemaking, which is first and foremost an agricultural enterprise, stands at the forefront of the impact of climate change. The effects on wine growing can be as subtle as shifting picking seasons; and on the extreme end, we’ve all seen the forest fires that have swept through the winemaking regions of California and South Australia, for example.

Earth Day was started in 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and over the decades the movement has picked up significant momentum leading to many sectors of society thinking of greener ways to do things. Thinking about the future is one of the reasons why many forward-thinking wineries have moved towards a more sustainable winemaking approach, employing various eco-friendly techniques to growing grapes and making wine. We’ve also seen in recent years the surge in the availability and popularity of sustainable, natural, organic and biodynamic wines, capturing the imaginations and palates of a new wave of enthusiastic wine drinkers.

Be a wine SNOB – drink sustainable, natural, organic and biodynamic wines.

And if you’ve not jumped on the sustainably-farmed wine bandwagon, this year being the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is a good time to do so. And where better to start than The Straits Wine Company’s Earth Day promotions on over 50 different wines?

You’re looking at the likes of the Ministry of Clouds Riesling 2018 – so you can not only support the sustainable South Australian producer but also give back to a community that has suffered gravely during the recent forest fires – as well as the biodynamically-produced Urlar Select Parcels Pinot Noir. We’d also highly recommend the Speri Ripasso Valpolicella Classico 2017, because everybody loves a good Valpolicella, but also because supporting Italy – which has been ravaged by the current coronavirus spread – financially and emotionally is the right thing to do.

You can check out the The Straits Wine Company’s Earth Day promotions here, which will last from now till end-April 2020.

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