The Sazerac Company has appointed alcohol distributor Dyspatchr as official importer and distributor for its Bond & Royal portfolio.

Seeking to cement and grow its hold in the Singapore market, the Sazerac Company has awarded Singapore-based alcohol distributor Dyspatchr as official master importer for its portfolio of spirits and other products.

First founded in 1919, the Sazerac Company today is one of the two largest spirits companies in the United States. The privately-held company boasts a prestigious portfolio of whiskey brands such as Pappy Van Winkle, Buffalo Trace, Blanton’s, and Eagle Rare, as well as a sprawling range of brands in other spirit categories.

Under the distribution agreement, Dyspatchr will carry the following brands:

  • 1972 (bourbon)
  • Bittermans (bitters)
  • Buffalo Trace (bourbon)
  • Corazon (tequila)
  • Eagle Rare (bourbon)
  • E.H. Taylor (bourbon)
  • Jung & Wulff (rum)
  • Los Vecinos Del Campo Mezcal (mezcal)
  • Paul John (Indian whisky)
  • Peychaud’s (bitters)
  • Regan’s (bitters)
  • Sazerac de Forge (cognac)
  • Sazerac (rye whiskey)
  • Seignette (cognac)
  • The Last Drop (Scotch whisky)
  • Tinkerman’s (gin)
  • W.L Weller (bourbon)
  • Wheatley (vodka)

Through Dyspatchr, Sazerac is also looking at Singapore as one of its marquee markets to launch its newest cognac brands, Seignette and Sazerac De Forge. Dyspatchr will also be rolling out a custom barrel programme for Buffalo Trace Distillery.

With Dyspatchr as official Sazerac Singapore distributor, the business co-founded by Andrew Creswick and Jeffrey Meese continues its upwards ascent as one of the fastest-growing alcohol distribution companies in Southeast Asia. Its current portfolio includes the likes of AMASS, Aviation American Gin, Don Papa, LAIBA, The Lover’s Rum, and Westward Whiskey.

“We’re thrilled to represent these renowned brands from Sazerac’s portfolio as Dyspatchr continues to grow,” says Simone Dyson, Head of Spirits & Education for Dyspatchr.

“Working with such a globally recognised company less than two years after we launched is a huge milestone for us, and we look forward to presenting their range to our clients in Singapore,” says Kieran Hearley, General Manager for Dyspatchr.

Sazerac products were previously distributed by La Maison du Whisky, Destination Beverages, and most recently, Malt & Wine Asia.

The Sazerac portfolio will be available in Singapore through Dyspatchr from March 2021. For more information, please visit

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