PONY by Jigger & Pony Group introduces PONY X Cocktails, a limited-edition series of bottled tipples created in collaboration with Jigger & Pony, Humpback, Live Twice, Gibson, and Caffe Fernet.

It was just a matter of time, but Singapore’s entering into another period of enforced dine-in restrictions probably accelerated the process – PONY Cocktails, the premium bottled cocktail brand by Singapore’s leading independent cocktail bar group Jigger & Pony Group, has launched PONY X Cocktails, a line of limited-edition series of bottled cocktails in collaboration with its sister cocktail bar concepts.

The Jigger & Pony Group’s stable of brands include Singapore’s top-rated bar Jigger & Pony, classic cocktail bar Gibson, mid-century modern Japanese bar Live Twice, modern seafood restaurant Humpback, and “new Italian” restaurant-bar Caffe Fernet, and PONY X Cocktails puts together a curated selection of various signature cocktail offerings these venues bottled for our home drinking pleasure.

PONY X Jigger & Pony, for example, features its iconic Negroni twist Madame President, while the ever popular Sicilian Spritz from Caffe Fernet also makes the range. PONY X Gibson sees two of our favourites – the Mango PX and Sugarcane Daiquiri – make the cut; seafood-focused restaurant bar Humpback, most appropriately, counts its Lobster Bloody Mary as part of the collaboration.

In the coming weeks, PONY Cocktails will extend the collaboration with the different venues under the Jigger & Pony family to debut a new range of cocktails.

PONY Cocktails was launched in 2020 on the back of Singapore’s circuit breaker measures, prompted by dine-in restrictions that forced consumption into the home, devastating the country’s F&B scene. The current Phase 2: Heightened Alert continues to see F&B establishments operating only for delivery and takeaway.

“With our physical venues closed during this time, we want to continue to offer our guests a taste of the experiences they have come to love and enjoy with us,” says Jigger & Pony Group co-founder Indra Kantono. “Just like in 2020, we have had to pivot very quickly to takeaways and deliveries of our F&B offerings. The difference this time is that we know what needs to be done, and how best to ensure that we continue to deliver our signature convivial hospitality to our customers,” Kantono adds.

You can find the full range of PONY Cocktails and PONY X Cocktails on jiggerandpony.oddle.me. Small bites – including Japanese-style sandos from Live Twice – are also available.

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