Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore brings in a taste of the Alps with the official launch of Austrian wheat beer brand Edelweiss in Singapore.

There’s a new wheat beer in town, and its name is Edelweiss. Before you break into song to the tune from “the Sound of Music” though, it’s really a beer brand from Austria. Edelweiss – brought in by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, and like APB is part of global beer giant Heineken – hails from the Austrian Alps near Salzburg.

“Through Edelweiss, we hope to inspire Singaporeans to discover the world of beer beyond lager and unlock more drinking occasions to enjoy this premium wheat beer from the Alps,” said Andy Hewson, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Edelweiss is a traditional Austrian weissbier (wheat beer) that’s brewed and bottled by Brau Union using a recipe that has remained unchanged since 1646, almost 375 years ago. Unlike German wheat beers that have to be brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (or the German purity law) which dictates that only water, barley, and hops can be used in the making of beer, the Austrians aren’t quite so encumbered. Edelweiss actually sees various Alpine mountain herbs that include sage, coriander, and elderflower, added in its making. The use of top-fermenting yeast gives the beer noticeable fruitily-sweet banana notes – as with a good Bavarian-style weissbier – while the adjuncts give slight herbal and floral undertones.

Edelweiss wheat beer can
“Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every evening we drink thee.”

Edelweiss was recently launched in other Asian markets such as Korea and Malaysia. APB Singapore believes that the introduction of Edelweiss will tap into a similarly fast-growing demand for wheat beer in Singapore.

“We are excited to extend Edelweiss’ footprint to Singapore as nowhere else is the demand for wheat beers more apparent. Locally, the category has expanded by a compound annual growth rate of 291% over five years and the value of the segment is expected to hit S$33 million by 2022,” Hewson shared. He added that the wheat beer category is poised for further growth and the launch of Edelweiss is a strategic step to unlock a new taste experience fuelled by the growing popularity of non-lager beers amongst consumers, especially women.

APB Singapore’s new Edelweiss wheat beer is now available at S$14.10 in 4-can pack at all major supermarkets, select e-retailers, restaurants. and bars.

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