Flor De Caña Zero Waste Month sees 12 participating Singapore bars offer low to zero waste cocktails for the month of September 2021.

There are some spirit brands that claim to be environmentally-friendly. Then there are those that actually are. Nicaraguan rum brand Flor de Caña, we’re pleased to say, is one of the latter.

Carbon Neutral- and Fair Trade-certified Flor de Caña also puts words into action – the rum producer just launched Zero Waste Month, a global initiative that invites bars, restaurants, and consumers around the world to join forces to reduce food waste. And from Flor de Caña’s perspective, one of the best ways to reduce food waste is doing it “one sustainable cocktail at a time”.

Part of Flor de Caña’s broader sustainability program, Zero Waste Month aims to cut down on waste generated by bars in the making of cocktails – mostly fruit remains such as peels, pits, and seeds, but also used spices and other forms of garnishes. To that end it has called on the  bartending community in more than 30 countries to create delicious zero waste cocktails that consumers can enjoy during the month of September 2021. These sustainable cocktails – made with Flor de Caña rum, of course – will use repurposed food scraps, up-cycling and recycling ingredients that are normally thrown away.

In Singapore, 12 bars have signed up to participate in the Flor de Caña Zero Waste Month initiative and offer zero waste cocktails. They include One-Ninety Bar, ATLAS, The Bar at 15 Stamford, Heart of Darkness Singapore, Lime House, Low Tide, MO Bar, and The Old Man Singapore.

For example, cocktail lounge MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Singapore is offering Tea in the Afternoon, a cocktail made with Flor de Caña that’s been fat-washed vanilla scones, as well as discarded citrus, sparkling wine, and bitters. Over at The Old Man Singapore, their No Pierda combines rum, essence extracted from bananas, cacao bitters, and gomme, while Sago House’s Our Grandmother’s Story puts together rum with orgeat cinnamon and nutmeg syrup, white port, lime juice, as well as rum that’s been sous vide with green apple discards.

Flor de Cana Zero Waste Month - One Ninety
The Peels Fizz from One-Ninety Bar at Four Seasons Singapore gets its colour from a syrup rendered from beetroot and carrot peels.

“The bars (participating) in Zero Waste Month are respected within the industry and able to influence on going sustainable practices both in the industry, as well as with raising awareness with the guests,” says Rob Scott, regional Flor de Caña brand ambassador for Southeast Asia.

“To combat food waste we are seeing more venues such as Smoke & Mirrors or MO Bar work in greater harmony with their kitchens to create a menu and (come up with) practices that close the loop by sharing different ingredients in creative ways. Other venues like The Old Man Singapore are using things like distillates and acids to create flavour and balance in the drinks that are no longer coming from perishables,” Scott explains.

“Water is another big waste item. Some venues are also becoming more conscious of how they source ice and how they chill drinks.”

Zero Waste Month is supported by Food Made Good, a global non-profit that promotes sustainability within the foodservice industry. “Working with an ambitious, outward-looking and creative partner like Flor de Caña is the most effective way we can accelerate progressive practice across hospitality, making bars and restaurant a part of a global sustainability solution,” said Simon Heppner, CEO of Food Made Good Global.

Flor de Caña has also appointed various global personalities as “sustainability ambassadors”. In Singapore ATLAS head bartender Jesse Vida will work alongside Flor de Caña to raise awareness through social media on the issue of food waste and inspire bars, restaurants, and consumers to become agents of change and help reduce food waste in their own communities.

The full list of participating venues for Flor de Caña Zero Waste Month can be found at https://zerowastecocktails.com/.

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