12 Singapore-based cocktail bars have been named in Top 500 Bars 2021, with four of them occupying spots in the top 10.

Top 500 Bars earlier this week released its list of the top 500 bars around the world, with London’s Connaught Bar coming in the first spot for the second time in the row. Top 500 Bars 2021 has also grown over the previous edition, with its latest list covering 113 different cities including new cities like Istanbul, Nha Trang and Syracuse (compared to 105 last year), and across 53 different countries (52 last year).

Singapore did extremely well this year, with 12 Singapore-based cocktail bars hustling into the top 100. The Singapore bars that entered into the top 100 of the Top 500 Bars 2021 list are:

      • Jigger & Pony (No.2)
      • ATLAS (No.3)
      • Manhattan Bar (No.6)
      • 28 HongKong Street (No.9)
      • Native (No.13)
      • The Old Man Singapore (No.17)
      • No Sleep Club (No.38)
      • MO BAR (No.40)
      • Tippling Club (No.44)
      • The Elephant Room (No.59)
      • Barbary Coast (No.62)
      • Live Twice (No.94)

It needs to be noted that Top 500 Bars is a different kind of awards competition for the bar scene. Unlike World’s 50 Best Bars which employs a distinguished voting panel of some 500-plus industry experts, Top 500 Bars rely wholly on big data. According to Top 500 Bars, to put the list together they have aggregated thousands of data points from hundreds of sources and in over 20 different languages about cocktails bars from the interwebs. These data points include aggregating opinions from experts, journalists and influencers around the world – maybe even us here at Spirited Singapore – as well as online rankings, social platforms and search engines to force rank this weighted list.

Jigger & Pony, which along with ATLAS gave Singapore one of its best showings in World’s 50 Best Bars last year, was Singapore’s best performer in the Top 500 Bars list coming in at No.2. “We are thrilled to be ranked No.2 on Top 500 Bars,” said Indra Kantono, co-founder of the Jigger & Pony Group. “The list aggregates data from various sources from over 20 languages, and it is especially exciting to see close to 30 bars from Singapore listed in the Top 500 this year.”

“This vibrant city’s bars, and the creative bartenders behind them, are absolutely deserving of this recognition. We hope that many Singaporeans seek out and experience the amazing cocktail culture we have and support local bars. Very soon, we also hope to once again welcome cocktail lovers from around the world to Singapore,” Kantono added.

MO BAR Team Asia's 50 Best Bars 2021 Michter's Art of Hospitality Award
MO BAR, which took the No. 40 ranking on Top 500 Bars 2021, earlier this year took the No.45 spot at Asia’s 50 Best 2021.

“This international recognition is one of the best rewards that we can receive at MO BAR, especially for a hardworking and passionate team that has put in incredible effort towards delivering the best hospitality in these trying times,” Adrian Besa, bar manager of MO Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore, said. Their No. 40 ranking on Top 500 Bars this year comes after MO BAR took the No.45 spot, as well as the Art of Hospitality award, at Asia’s 50 Best earlier this year.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the Top 500 Bars at Tippling Club. Through these current hard times, it shows the dedication and commitment of the amazing staff we have to keep delivering a flawless product to our guests,” said Andrew Loudon, head bartender at snazzy restaurant bar Tippling Club which listed at No.44 this year.

Top 500 Bars 2021 - The Elephant Room team
The Elephant Room listed at No.59 on Top 500 Bars this year. It celebrated its second anniversary in September this year.

Then there’s Little India-themed cocktail bar The Elephant Room, which recently celebrated its second anniversary. “Fortune favours the bold, and we’re glad to have opened and continued operating The Elephant Room despite the current challenges,” shared bartender-owner Yugnes Susela. “We’re really grateful for all the support that we have received, and are also thankful that people around the world are talking about this little cocktail bar in Singapore’s Chinatown.”

Top 500 Bars is really an online popularity contest more than anything else. But that’s not a bad thing either; the bars that get on the list are those that are on the mouths of people, and on their fingertips. If you’re a bar that’s on the Top 500 Bars this year, chances are people have been talking about you.

And they are definitely talking about Singapore’s cocktail bar scene.

You can find the full list for Top 500 Bars 2021 at  https://top500bars.com.

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