Beauty In The Pot Centrepoint adds fresh draught sake to its drink options, possibly the first hotpot restaurant in Singapore to do so.

We love Beauty In The Pot for many reasons – their staggering array of broths, for example – but now there’s one more reason to visit. The popular hotpot restaurant by Paradise Group has just introduced draught sake at its Centrepoint outlet so diners can pair fresh sake with their hotpot dishes.

And apparently, they’re the first one to do so. While there’s only one draught sake on offer at Beauty In The Pot Centrepoint, the Mikotsuru Karakuchi Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu comes from a Nagano Prefecture-based sake brewery that recently picked up the grand prize at the IWC Sake 2021 Awards for another of its sakes.

We wonder why it took so long for a local hotpot restaurant to discover this untapped potential. Sake has traditionally been an excellent companion for food – and even more so than wine – because the beverage contains umami notes that complement food well. And this particular Mikotsuru nama genshu (sake speak for a fresh, unwatered sake) makes pairs exceptionally well with hotpot. Its palate is a refreshing crispness that helps cut through the richness of, say, Beauty In The Pot’s Beauty Collagen Broth, but also a sweetness that mellows out the burn from the Spicy Nourishing Broth. Its flavours are very subtle too, and works very well with seafood.

Mikotsuru Karakuchi Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

Interestingly, Beauty In The Pot serves the Mikotsuru nama genshu from a 10L draft key keg dispenser that’s stuck in a bucket of ice sat in a trolley. It’s not the most elegant of solutions, but it does the job well.

For a limited time only, enjoy the exclusive draught sake at only S$20.80++ per carafe (180ml) instead of the usual price of S$25.80++ at Beauty In The Pot Centrepoint.

Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint)

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