‘Kung Food! Hong Kong’s Grandmasters of Cuisine’, a culinary showcase of Hong Kong from the perspective of its award-winning chefs, premieres on Discovery Channel this week.

If you’re missing the gastronomic largesse of Hong Kong, you’re not alone. Once a short four-hour plane hop from Singapore, the ongoing pandemic has since seen travel between the two rival culinary capitals of Asia dry up. Which means, of course, no more dropping in on our favourite Hong Kong eateries for roast goose, wonton noodles, and dim sum, on a whim.

Which might make the upcoming new food documentary series on Discovery Channel painful viewing. Or at least, one guaranteed to induce yearning and send your saliva glands into overdrive. ‘Kung Food! Hong Kong’s Grandmasters of Cuisine’, which will air on Discovery Channel on Wednesday 29 December 2021, takes a look at the culinary paradise that is Hong Kong, a city which leads the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 list with 11 entries (Singapore, in comparison, had eight entries).

But it’s not your usual food travel documentary led by some celebrity host. Instead it takes the viewpoint of various award-winning Hong Kong chefs. Among them are Guillaume Galliot of three Michelin-starred Caprice, Hideaki Sato of two Michelin-starred Ta Vie, one Michelin-starred VEA’s Vicky Cheng, and Ricardo Chaneton of Michelin Plate awardee Mono, all of whom share Hong Kong’s gastronomic secrets.

Chef Guillaume Galliot and Chef Vicky Cheng bonding over the restaurant industry's resilience in the face of challenges
Chef Guillaume Galliot and Chef Vicky Cheng bonding over the restaurant industry’s resilience in the face of challenges.

What’s also particular illuminating about ‘Kung Food! Hong Kong’s Grandmasters of Cuisine’, or at least from what we’re told, is how the show will also shine the spotlight on the ongoing global pandemic’s impact on Hong Kong’s dining scene. Each of these chefs share examples on how Hong Kong’s F&B industry showed its resilience despite imposed restrictions, even challenging traditional tastes, and reworking food supply chains to keep its ahead above the water.

If you’re big into culinary shows and love the eats of Hong Kong, chances are enjoy ‘Kung Food! Hong Kong’s Grandmasters of Cuisine’. If you’re from the F&B industry? Then it’s a must-watch.

Kung Food! Hong Kong’s Grandmasters of Cuisine will premiere on Wednesday 29 December 2021 on Discovery Channel (including Singapore) at 8.05pm, Discovery Asia (including Singapore) at 9:50pm, and Discovery Channel Southeast Asia at 8:05pm. The programme will be aired again on Discovery Channel on 29-31 December 2021, and on Discovery Asia on 30-31 December 2021.

[Image credits: Discovery Channel]

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