Looking for a Father’s Day gift for that father who love to indulge in his booze at home? We’ve put together a selection that will pander to his discerning interest.

With Father’s Day only a few days away, it is time to get into the spirit(s) with something your dad enjoys. Or at least likes to stock up. Yes, we are talking about alcohol-based gifts. It is impossible for your dad to not have an exquisite bar, irrespective of him drinking or not. So, this Father’s Day, you can discard the usual gift ideas and take a bolder move by giving him bar accessories or alcohol hampers. Enhance his collection further with the best whiskey glasses or a set of artisanal coasters for those relaxing evenings at home.

Whether you have an open relationship with your dad or not, these bar-based gifts will surely make him ecstatic (even if he does not show it). So, if you are brave or cool enough to venture into our Father’s Day gift guide: bar accessories and hampers, you will find something that will tickle your and your dad’s fancy.

Bar Tool Set

Want to upgrade your dad’s bar? The first step is to get a classic and elegant bar toolset. This one has a copper finish (which goes with every type of décor) with an ice bucket and tools that will help your dad create artisanal cocktails. So, the next Father’s Day, you might see your dad using the muddler to squish mint leaves for a Mojito or the coil strainer to pour you a Cosmopolitan. This stainless steel bar tool set from Crate & Barrel will either bring out or hone his bartending skills.

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$167

Beer Hampers

corona beer hamper

This is a dream come true for every beer lover dad. An adorable tin bucket brimming with six Corona Extra beers makes the Father’s Day celebrations’ happy hour last longer. To add to the happiness; there are Ferrero Rocher chocolates that bring a sweet twist. This beer and sweet delight hamper from FNP encourage your dad to embrace his love for beer and commemorate his day the way he wants, even if it is watching Television while drinking world-class beer. This gift will surely check off his bucket list!

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$79

Diamond Whisky Glasses

diamond whiskey glasses

Whether your dad is a teetotaller or a keen drinker, he will always have elegant glasses designated for each drink. If he is a spirits man, this gift is ideal for him. Dragon Glassware has come out with unique and stylish diamond-shaped whiskey glasses that enhance the experience manifold. The glasses come in a set of two, thus leading to a very limited edition addition to your dad’s bar. So, if he has guests coming over frequently, sipping a drink in his diamond whiskey glass will be his way of showing off (effortless like a boss).

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$48

Whiskey Chilling Stones

whiskey chilling stones

If your dad takes his drink on the rocks, he knows about the pain of diminished flavour. Confused? When you add ice to a drink, the intensity and aroma of the alcohol get reduced as ice (later becomes water) is a neutraliser. So, this Father’s Day, the best way to let your dad savour his drink is by gifting him these whiskey stones. They do the same work as ice does- keep the drink chilled, with the bonus of not melting into water or creating any hassle. These stainless steel whiskey stones from Alcohol Delivery contain a non-toxic freezer gel that makes it chilled. So, whenever you want to use them, just rinse them with water, keep them in the freezer for a while and pop it in your drink.

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$36

Whisky Decanter Set

grenade whisky decanter

Is your dad an ex-military officer? Or is he heavily into action-packed sitcoms and movies? Either way, this grenade-shaped decanter is indeed one-of-a-kind. The fine details, immaculate shape and graceful look make it a work of art. If that wasn’t enough, you also get two whiskey glasses with a tray to keep these three items, two wooden coasters and a stainless steel funnel. This whole whisky decanter set is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who are Scotch lovers. Even if your dad isn’t one, this beautiful set is worth giving as it will amplify his bar and make his friends and relatives green-eyed with jealously.

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$124

Iridescent Wine Glasses

Iridescent wine glasses by Huan by Chantelle

Papa more of a wine drinker? How about these best-selling iridescent wine glasses from local design studio Huan by Chantelle? These are wine glasses that have been specially tinted with holographic rainbow hues that change with light and movement, adding some fun and pizzazz to Papa’s wine drinking. Even better, each glass comes with a coloured Swarovski crystal that serve as a wine marker so you don’t accidentally drink from the wrong glass. Each set of four glasses come in holographic box carriers too, so you don’t have to bother with gift wrapping.

Where to buy: Here
Price: S$68.80 for a set of four glasses

Mr. Bucket x Glenfiddich Whisky Bon Bons

Glenfiddich x Mr Bucket Father's Day gift

Does Dad love chocolates as much as he does his whisky? Singapore-based chocolatier Mr Bucket Chocolaterie has a Father’s Day gift set that will delight the old man. For its latest collaboration the artisanal bon bon maker has tied up with award-winning Speyside single malt whisky brand Glenfiddich to create a trio of specialty whisky-infused chocolate bon bons for Father’s Day. Each of the three bon bon flavours – Honey OakCitrus Oak, and Spiced Oak – feature a different chocolate origin sourced from around Asia, and then paired with the 12-, 15-, or 18-Year Old whiskies from Glenfiddich’s core range to bring out their unique flavour profiles.

Where to buy: Here or Here
Price: S$58 or S$109

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