Quaint French restaurant L’Angélus unveils 11 new dishes to its burgeoning menu that champions French classics but also novel creations.

L’Angélus on Club Street has been championing French gastronomy since it opened in 1998, and built its reputation on an authentic approach to top-quality French cuisine. Last month it added a whopping 11 new dishes to its grand menu, not only continuing that fine tradition but also adding innovative updates to familiar French favourites.

From entrees to sharing plates, these L’Angélus new menu offerings explore the breadth and depth of authentic French cookery… plus a little more.

For something bonfide French rusticity there’s the Burgundian classics Oeufs Meurettes, effectively poached eggs smothered with a lip-smackingly good mushrooms- and lardons-based red wine sauce, or the unctuously rich Bœuf Bourguignon of braised short rib – which sits on some beautifully silky pomme purée – that’s perfect for sharing.

L'Angélus Oeufs Meurettes
The traditional Oeufs Meurettes, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated egg dishes around.

Then there are the flashy updates to the usual classics. The Ventrèche en Tartare is a seafood twist to tartare, eschewing the usual hand-cut steak for premium Japanese blue fin chutoro instead. Nori and seaweed mayonnaise add an interesting umami note that’s rather absent in steak tartare.

Or how about the Brillat-Savarin Salad? The highly-prized soft triple-cream cheese is normally eaten on its own or with bread, but here it’s turned into a salad with baby spinach, endive, and beetroot, while a honey walnut dressing provides sweetness to balance the signature tanginess of Brillat-Savarin.

And while we don’t normally think about lamb when it come to French cuisine, but there is with the influence from the Maghreb. At L’Angélus there’s its new Poitrine D’agneau, which seasons lamb ribs in traditional Moroccan spices, sous-vide and then oven roasted.

Other newly-introduced dishes similarly borrow from other cultures. Their Pluma Iberique takes on a classic Spanish meat cut, and gives it a Japanese twist with shio koji for seasoning. The French touch? A traditional soubise (the French, after all, are masters of saucing).

L'Angélus Calamars Farcis
The Calamars Farcis is an international mashup of local squid on Italian romesco sauce that’s topped with ikura.

Otherwise there’s the Calamars Farcis, which features pan-roasted locally-caught wild squid stuffed with couscous, ham and zucchini. Italian romesco and Japanese ikura gives this dish a more international twist.

We’d recommend though you end a meal here with two very traditional French desserts – the Crepes Suzette and the Clafoutis. You won’t regret it.

While L’Angélus will always remain a bastion for French gastronomy, it’s refreshing to see the pioneering French restaurant offer up old school classics as well as its more cosmopolitan ones for its new menu additions.


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