Brewing giant Heineken has launched Heineken Silver, made with the “most refreshing and unexpectedly smooth experience” for a “new generation of beer drinkers”.

In case you missed it, there’s a new Heineken beer in town.

Heineken Silver, its latest product, is positioned by the Dutch brewing giant as targeting a new generation of beer drinkers who are looking for “the most refreshing and unexpectedly smooth experience”.

It’s a big move for Heineken, because – let’s face it – big beer isn’t particularly known for pushing out product after new product like their smaller craft brethren tend to do. They’re more inclined to fiddle with packaging, or splurge on advertising such as product placement. Heineken’s most laudable recent innovation would be Heineken 0.0, a non-alcoholic version of its popular pale lager first launched in 2017.

Which makes Heineken Silver big news.

The new brew is said to follow the brand’s iconic original – including using its famous Heineken A-Yeast, pure barley malt, and hop extract – but clocks in at 4% ABV for a lighter drinking profile. It’s also said to be crafted using an ice-cold brewing process to “crisp flavour and subtle finish”.

In that sense, Heineken Silver falls squarely into Tiger Crystal territory.

With a lighter profile for this new beer Heineken is likely not only taking aim at a demographic that’s new to beer drinking, but also those who are increasingly looking for more health-conscious and less guilt-free options. Heineken Silver was officially launched at a huge warehouse party last month featuring various electronic and dance music acts, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about who they’re really targeting i.e. not your kopitiam uncles.

“With Singapore’s evolving drinking culture, we are seeing younger consumers not only wanting a smoother tasting beer that can be paired with any social setting, but also a beer brand that takes its cues from an equally bold and disruptive world. At Heineken, we embrace change – as we have always done, and we believe that Heineken Silver will be a refreshing introduction to the world of beer for the next generation,” commented Gerald Yeo, Marketing Director at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Heineken Silver is available for purchase across e-retailers from end-June, followed by all major supermarkets, convenience stores and select bars and restaurants island wide from mid-late July. Heineken Silver has an RRP of S$20.95 for a pack of six (320ml cans).

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