KURA-ONE to launch in latter half of 2022, a subscription service offering canned sake that will be available in over 100 countries.

Is canned sake a thing? Not quite yet – the popular Japanese alcoholic beverage is normally found in large bottles, although some varieties are available as cup sake that are dispensed from vending machines.

But that may change if id10 japan corporation has its way. The creative agency has announced KURA-ONE, a subscription-based sake exploration and delivery service that sends you a set of three or four sakes every month to your doorstep. These sakes come in cans, which are currently rare even in the domestic Japanese market.

KURA-ONE is conceptualised by id10 japan founder Katsunari Sawada as part of “Japanpage: project”, which looks to promote Japanese culture to the rest of the world. Sawada supposedly has visited all 47 prefectures in Japan to talk to sake producers about putting their sakes in cans for this delivery service.

Canning sake makes perfect sense. Packaging sake in aluminium ensures that the sake won’t be light struck, a problem that sake in bottles – particularly clear bottles – regularly encounter. It’s also more sustainable, lighter and better shaped for economical packaging, reducing logistics and shipping costs when shipping all over the world.

KURA-ONE canned sake lifestyle
Help popularise sake all over the world? KURA-ONE says “Yes, we can!”

But what’s also special about KURA-ONE is that id10 japan is developing a mobile application that aids with sake discovery, with features that allow you to learn more about the different sakes offered and the breweries that produce them. A QR code on each sake can connects to the app to aid discovery.

The KURA-ONE subscription comes in at around 30 Euros a month – not including delivery fee – for three to four sakes in 180ml cans per month. Which sounds reasonable, although the Japan Post express mail service it will be using can add a hefty tag depending on where you live. Aside from a monthly subscription, KURA-ONE will also offer assortment packs that contain sake, sake drinking receptacles, and other craft products for an elevated sake drinking experience.

KURA-ONE is slated to launch later this year during fall or winter. Now we’re not exactly sure that Singapore is one of the 100 countries it will launch in. But if discovering sake – in canned form – appeals to you, the service is currently accepting registrations with a pre-launch 15% special discount. You can sign up here: https://join.japanpage.jp.

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