Award-winning Chinese restaurant brand PUTIEN brings in premium baijiu Shang Yang Tai from Moutai to Singapore.

Chances are we’ll be seeing more baijiu in Singapore in the near future. China’s national liquor of choice may not be as popular in the rest of the world now compared to the likes of gin or whisky, but that’s likely to change as demand is buoyed by increasing affluence and the growing number of Chinese restaurants worldwide and here in Singapore.

Particularly the premium moutai variety.

Originating from the Qing Dynasty, moutai is specifically produced only in the town of Moutai in the Guizhou province of China. The spirit is made from fermented sorghum in a unique batch process, where the fermented mixture is distilled seven times a year in different batches and then aged for three to four years in earthenware jars. Baijiu master blenders would then pick from those different batches of distillate and blend according to taste and house style, much like in the making of blended Scotch whisky.

Shang Yang Tai baijiu bottles

We know baijiu is getting more prominence in Singapore now, because PUTIEN has just announced that it has been appointed as sole distributor for Shang Yang Tai. The award-winning Chinese restaurant brand – which specialises in hearty homestyle Fujian cuisine – will represent premium Shang Yang Tai baijiu in Singapore. That means you’ll be seeing Shang Yang Tai – in its signature square ivory bottles – present on tables in the many PUTIEN outlets here in Singapore.

Shang Yang Tai is a premium Chinese baijiu, crafted by the master brewers of Moufans Commune. It meticulously selects and buys aged distillate off producers in the town of Moutai, and blends them to its own signature style. Coming in at 53% ABV – baijiu typically ranges from between 35% and 60% ABV – Shang Yang Tai offers a refined and sophisticated palate, with the nuanced savoury notes much prized by baijiu aficionados.

The brand Shang Yang Tai itself is inspired by China’s famed Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai. His sole surviving work is the ‘Shangyangtai Script’, a large calligraphy scroll upon which bears the seals and annotations of Song Dynasty’s Emperor Huizong and Qing Dynasty’s Emperor Qianlong alongside his poem, making it an important cultural and historical relic. Shang Yang Tai baijiu, therefore, features Chinese calligraphy and splashes of ink from the original script emblazoned as design on its aesthetically-pleasing squarish bottle.

Shang Yang Tai 100ml

Founder of PUTIEN, Fong Chi Chung, is a lover of good drink. He was originally drawn to the moist, palatable, mellow and elegant flavour profiles of Shang Yang Tai. “Shang Yang Tai has a sweet, soft bodied, mellow, elegant taste, and pleasant lingering aftertaste. I could not get enough of it when I first tried it and decided to introduce the brand to Singapore, so that more gourmets can enjoy this exceptional baijiu with friends,” said PUTIEN’s Fong.

“It is an honour for Shang Yang Tai to represent China’s premium baiju internationally and showcase this Chinese cultural heritage in the form of fine liquor to our friends in Singapore,” said David Li, Founder of Shang Yang Tai. “We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to PUTIEN for their recognition of Shang Yang Tai’s quality and investment value. We hope to share the distinctive ‘Jiang-flavour Chinese baijiu’ with more liquor lovers and collectors all over the world.”

“Following its debut in Singapore, Shang Yang Tai will continue to expand to overseas markets and elevate the brand presence globally. It is also our hope that Shang Yang Tai will become China’s symbol for premium liquor brands in the future,” Li added.

Shang Yang Tai baijiu is available at all PUTIEN restaurants at the price of $S79++ (100ml) and $S379++ (500ml). Wine investors, collectors, retailers and other F&B service providers are welcome to purchase this unique baijiu through PUTIEN. For enquiries, please visit

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