50 Best has announced the launch of The World’s 50 Best Hotels, a new hospitality-focused global ranking and awards programme that will debut in September this year.

William Reed-owned 50 Best has announced the launch of The World’s 50 Best Hotels, its new awards programme that will recognise and highlight outstanding hotel experiences across the world that will shape the aspirations of millions of consumers, travellers and hoteliers.

50 Best, the organisers behind World’s 50 Best Restaurants and World’s 50 Best Bars, will release its inaugural list of the top 50 hospitality experiences around the world this September. It is the organisation’s first global launch and expansion since 2009 when it unveiled The World’s 50 Best Bars, and marks its first official foray into travel.

Like World’s 50 Best Restaurants and World’s 50 Best Bars, The World’s 50 Best Hotel will employ a similar academy system using an anonymous voting panel, which will comprise of hoteliers, travel journalists, hotel educators, business travellers and travel aficionados. For a fair global representation, the 580-voter strong academy are split across nine geographical regions. Each of those nine regions will be headed by an academy chair, such as Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia editor-in-chief Lee-St John for Southeast Asia and Melbourne-based editor for Australian Gourmet Traveller Michael Harden who will oversee Oceania. The academy chairs will assemble a voting panel from their region, and each academy member votes for seven hotels in order of preference based on stays experienced in the two-year polling period up to April 2023.

The World’s 50 Best Hotels results will be revealed in a live countdown in September later this year.

“Over the past 20 years we have become the international market leader in providing the most reliable lists of expert-curated restaurants and bars on the planet. To us, it seems like a natural fit to complete the circle, uniting restaurants, bars and hotels,” shared Tim Brooke-Webb, Managing Director of 50 Best.

“Hospitality is what we’re passionate about and we feel now is the perfect time to shine the spotlight on hotels, particularly as they rebuild after the effects of the pandemic. Our aim with these awards is to define, lead and amplify the conversation on the future of hospitality. We want to create a unifying platform for the world’s best hotels and the amazing individuals behind them but also for travel-loving consumers, helping them to choose the very best places to stay.”

“We believe that there is a huge gap in the market for a truly egalitarian hotels ranking. We have planned for years to ensure our awards are as transparent and inclusive as possible, consulting with experts in travel to create a robust system that stands out across the industry, drawing on our experience in the restaurant and bar ecosystems,” added Mark Sansom, Director of Content for The World’s 50 Best Hotels.

“It will deliver travel-hungry consumers a bona fide list of the 50 best properties in the world, selected by an experienced and wide-ranging panel of hotel experts,” Sansom added.

You can find out more about The World’s 50 Best Hotels at: theworlds50best.com/hotels.

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