The refined sakes of Fukuju Sake Brewery from Japan's famed sake brewing region of Nadagogo in Hyogo Prefecture tells of modernity, tradition, and a dedication to excellence.
Prestigious Nada sake producer Nihonsakari reinvents itself by launching a new Sakari line of sake targeted at a more contemporary, international audience.
Sake delivery service SAKE TO GO by IPPIN offers a wide range of sakes online and with island-wide delivery as fast as one hour.
Nagano's Takanami Sake Brewery officially launches its range in Singapore, along with a special limited edition set to celebrate 148 years of sake brewing.
Sake gastrobar Tanoke on Purvis Street impresses with its modern Japanese cuisine and premium sake list in a cosy, contemporary setting.
The Sakefan World app may seem like any other alcohol interest app like Vivino and Untappd, but it’s actually commissioned by none other than the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of the ongoing "Cool Japan”...
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