Lunar New Year isn’t quite complete without the right whisky – here are some Chinese New Year whiskies to celebrate the Year of the Ox.
If you aren't a history buff, you might not realise the significance of a rather understated distillery formerly known as Cardow (pronounced car-doo).
Tumbler, glencairn, copita, or tulip glass? Our co-editor Justin Choo looks at the different glassware that you can use to enjoy your whisky in this whisky glass primer.
Timah assembles two imported peated malts with a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin for the first whiskey made in Malaysia.
Winter is here. But so is the Game of Thrones single malt whisky collection - a collaboration between leading spirits company Diageo and HBO - to help keep you warm. To celebrate the eighth and final season of critically-acclaimed TV...
Award-winning spirits producer Mars Whisky, Japan's third oldest whisky maker, arrives officially in Singapore with its Iwai range of blended whiskies. Two names basically float to mind when you talk about the history of Japanese whisky - Shinjiro Torii and...
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