In the world of American Single Malt Whiskey, there’s Westward Whiskey and there’s Westland Whiskey. If you have trouble discerning which is which, there’s an easy way to remember: the distillery that makes Westward is the same one that makes the gin for Deadpool.
Seattle, Washington-based Westland Distillery looks to grow awareness of the American single malt whiskey category and introduces three Westland whiskeys in Singapore.
Lonely Planet's Global Distillery Tour is a concise guidebook that highlights some of the more interesting distilleries around the world you may want to add to your to-visit list.
To coincide with the launch of its bespoke whiskey barrel selection program, Kentucky, US-based whiskey maker Woodford Reserve has announced a special country-specific barrel selection for Singapore slated to arrive in January 2020. interest in American-made whiskies here in Singapore...
Whisky's diversity is partly thanks to the variety of casks that they are matured in. But how often do you come across one that spent its life in ex-rye whiskey casks? The new member of Glenmorangie's Private Edition series...
We're not sure why Singapore gets its undeserved reputation as a sterile and sanitised country that doesn't know how to have fun. The truth is that if you scratch beneath the veneer of the city, you'll actually find that...
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