Prestigious Nada sake producer Nihonsakari reinvents itself by launching a new Sakari line of sake targeted at a more contemporary, international audience.
If your New Year's resolutions involve losing weight and drinking less, don't read this. The new year always come with surprises, and one of the more unpleasant ones for us has been stepping on the weighing scale and finding a...
The Sakefan World app may seem like any other alcohol interest app like Vivino and Untappd, but it’s actually commissioned by none other than the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of the ongoing "Cool Japan”...
Modern Japanese sake gastrobar Tanoke offers Japanese fusion takes on brunch favourites and free-flow sake for its Sunday sake brunch.
Sake gastrobar Tanoke on Purvis Street impresses with its modern Japanese cuisine and premium sake list in a cosy, contemporary setting.
The prefectures of Ehime and Kochi on the Japanese island of Shikoku may be among the smallest producers of sake compared to the rest of Japan, what they do make punch above their weight in terms of quality. Daniel...
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