Located in the basement of newly-revamped Palais Renaissance is Table 33, a sake bar that's a shrine dedicated to the rice-based alcoholic beverage.
KURA-ONE to launch in latter half of 2022, a subscription service offering canned sake that will be available in over 100 countries.
Luxury blended sake brand IWA by champagne veteran Richard Geoffroy makes its latest creation, the IWA 5 Assemblage 3, available here in Singapore this July.
Beauty In The Pot Centrepoint adds fresh draught sake to its drink options, possibly the first hotpot restaurant in Singapore to do so.
Distinguished Fukushima-based sake brewery Daishichi Sake has appointed Inter Rice Asia as Singapore distributor for its lauded kimoto sake.
Modern Japanese sake gastrobar Tanoke offers Japanese fusion takes on brunch favourites and free-flow sake for its Sunday sake brunch.
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