Grand Cru, Wine Concierge at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore to officially carry the wines of Bordeaux's Château Monlot, the winery owned by China superstar Vicki Zhao Wei.
The Singapore Government last week instituted a mandatory shutdown of bars due to the COVID-19 menace. Here's a list of venues that's been affected by the COVID-19 bar shutdown.
Timah assembles two imported peated malts with a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin for the first whiskey made in Malaysia.
Brass Lion Distillery, Singapore's first-ever (almost) full-fledged micro-distillery specialising in small batch gins with local flavours, opens its doors to the public. Before you nitpick, yes we know - Brass Lion isn't technically Singapore's first-ever distillery, nor did it make...
Monkey Shoulder launches its new peated blended malt expression, Smokey Monkey, in Singapore with 15 exclusive smoky cocktails available in bars across town.
Award-winning spirits producer Mars Whisky, Japan's third oldest whisky maker, arrives officially in Singapore with its Iwai range of blended whiskies. Two names basically float to mind when you talk about the history of Japanese whisky - Shinjiro Torii and...
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