Danish cider brand Somersby has debuted the Somersby Hard Seltzer range, the first attempt by a major player to crack open a hard seltzer market in Singapore.
The world's best-selling soju brand, JINRO, has launched JINRO Tonic Water specially formulated to mix with its soju range.
Singapore-based artisanal chocolatier Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie offers a range of alcohol-infused chocolate bon bons that will give you those chocolate highs.
Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie collaborates with Laut for Mr Bucket x Laut, a cocktail-inspired limited edition chocolate bon bon set.
From alcohol-infused chocolates and ice cream to cocktail sets, elevate your Christmas parties at home this season with these boozy gifts or treats.
Need to roll out of bed urgently for that virtual team meeting you almost forgot about? The Monkey Shoulder pyjama suit has you covered.
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