In the world of whisky, few are more qualified to speak about both the science and craft of whisky making than Dr Rachel Barrie from Brown-Forman. Dr Rachel Barrie is the newly (relatively) installed master blender at Brown-Forman. Unless you've...
  The best kind of relationships are often like the finest whiskies - two wholly different personalities blended into an integrated whole that's even better the sum of its component parts. If he had met them, the great philosopher Aristotle would...
Singapore welcomed double the Californian goodness as both Orin Swift and Louis M. Martini - both E. & J. Gallo brands - launched earlier in May this year.
Don Melchor is possibly one of the most recognised - if not the most recognised - wines from Chile; the iconic Concha y Toro-owned winery essentially put Chile on the wine map especially where Cabernet Sauvignon is concerned.
Founder and partner of California-based Cannonball Wine Company, Yoav Gilat, was recently in Singapore to promote its wine
We chat with whisky industry veteran John Fordyce, Co-founder and Director of The Three Stills Company that owns Borders Distillery.
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