Daniel is a cocktail and wine geek with Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and French Wine Scholar (FWS) credentials. When not writing about fine spirits and wine on Spirited, Daniel can be found writing about food and travel. How he still finds the time to run a couple of craft beer businesses as well, we haven’t quite figured out yet. (

Justin is foremost a whisky geek but he has a fondness for all spirits, especially beers and tequilas. Formerly an editor of a technology-lifestyle publication, he finds it comically ironic that his life actually revolves around wood: whisky, billiards, guitars, and poker cards. (

Joel is Spirited’s official photographer. By day he’s a professional photographer specialising in wedding, food and lifestyle photography, and by night a craft beer and whisky aficionado. (

Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who wears many hats, but can usually be found with a whisky in hand in the evenings. Aside from running a couple of consultancy businesses, he finds ways to pay the bills at Spirited. (

Esther works as a human resource practitioner during the day, but turns into an eating fiend after work. She covers Spirited’s dining and travel beats. (