Many distilleries, though not all, offer a cask strength or high-strength single malt in their regular lineup. For Glen Grant, that would be the 15YO, and it's making its way to our local shelves at last. 
Need to roll out of bed urgently for that virtual team meeting you almost forgot about? The Monkey Shoulder pyjama suit has you covered.
Martell's newest cognac expression, the Martell Noblige, is a VSOP that seems purposefully-built for cocktails.
12 Singapore-based cocktail bars have been named in Top 500 Bars 2021, with four of them occupying spots in the top 10.
vOilah! France Singapore Festival 2021 is a month-long celebration of everything French, including a series of wine-related programmes. vOilah! is back! Organised by the Embassy of France in Singapore, the highly anticipated annual France Singapore Festival is a celebration of...
The Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2021 exemplifies an exceptional vintage for Marlborough despite a challenging, low-yielding harvest year.
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