The edgy Hemingway-themed cocktail bar has refreshed its cocktail offerings; The Old Man Singapore v2 menu borrows from its Hong Kong counterpart and makes it its own.
In our first-ever monthly gastronomic roundup, Spirited Eats August 2020 looks at restaurants who have recently unveiled new head chefs or introduced reworked menus.
Rebel Rebel, one of the latest wine bars to open up in Singapore, looks to change your way of looking at - and enjoying - good wine.
bar Milano brings a frittered slice of convivial Italian eating and drinking to Singapore's Keong Saik Road nightlife enclave.
Contemporary bar restaurant Fat Prince has a Saturday brunch menu that pushes the boundaries of the Middle Eastern cuisine and comes with a quaint "koktail" list to match.
The Nomads takes you on a winding, contemporary gastronomic exploration of the cuisines of Central Asia that will make you want to travel the world for food.
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