Tiger Beer today announced the launch of Tiger Radler, a new variant of its acclaimed light lager that includes the addition of natural lemon juice for a more refreshing flavour.

In its first innovation since the launch of Tiger Crystal some three years back, the new 2% ABV Tiger Radler promises to be Heineken-owned Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) latest weapon to compete in a market that has seen the introduction of a slew of new cider brands and fruit-infused beers in recent years. Tiger Radler can probably be looked at as APB’s response to key rival Carlsberg’s Somersby Cider, which has captured a certain portion of the alcohol-imbibing crowd that prefers a sweeter, fruitier flavour over the more traditional lager.

As far as branding goes, APB has largely retained Tiger Beer’s livery the bottle label design for Tiger Radler, with the simple addition of the image of a lemon and yellow trim to differentiate it from its parent.

Tiger Radler branding

Its point-of-sale branding (above) takes a different design tack, evoking the imagery of a sports drink – perhaps a subtle tribute to the radler’s sporting roots. Radler means ‘cyclist’ in German, and is said to have been invented in 1922 by a pub owner called Franz Xavier Kugler. Apparently one day some 13,000 cyclists descended upon his humble establishment in search of refreshment – beer – and to make sure his beer stocks were sufficient to slake their thirsts Franz mixed it with lemon soda he found in his cellar. The radler was thus invented.

Tiger Radler is available now in both cans (330ml and 500ml) and bottles (330ml pint bottle and 633ml quartz bottle). You can find it at all leading retailers, ranging from supermarkets to convenience stores, restaurants, pubs and clubs.


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