Slàinte hombre!

It’s not just the whisky guys who are ageing their wares in ex-bourbon barrels. Tequila makers too, are experimenting to give the traditionally herbal and floral tequila a slight twist to its flavour profile.

Hornitos’ new triple aged Tequila is aptly called the Black Barrel. They first age the spirit in American Oak barrels for a year before it is transferred into deep charred American Oak barrels, where it stays for four months. Its final stage is spent in specially toasted American Oak barrels, and the result is a fine spirit with a smooth, sweet agave character married with the light smoky oak and vanilla notes of bourbon.

Bourbon or whisky lovers who aren’t familiar with tequila might feel more encouraged to give this a try, although there’s no word out yet on when this will be hitting our shores.

Black Barrel
Maker: Hornitos
Spirit: Añejo Tequila, 100% Agave
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Volume: 750ml

Source: PR Newswire


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