Independent Singapore-based craft beer brewery Jungle Beer has shut down for undisclosed reasons, and has already vacated its premises at FoodXChange in Sembawang.

The brewery – first opened in mid 2011 by a number of partners led by head brewer Adi Challa – had rode the initial wave of interest in craft beers here in Singapore, and introduced a range of beers tweaked for the Asian palate that included its Orchard Road mango and orange wheat beer and its award-winning Kiasu Stout, which won three titles in the “Best in the World,” “Best in Singapore” and Gold in the Stout category at Beerfest Asia last year.

But various sources close to the matter have revealed that the microbrewery has been struggling to penetrate bars and restaurants with exclusivity contracts that prevent them from taking on competing draft accounts, as well as challenging the increasing number of beer imports that’s been flooding the market.

Jungle Beer earlier this year underwent a rebranding effort; it renamed many of its beers to reflect its local Singapore roots with names such as Siloso Beach (lager), Uncle Sam (American pale ale), Singlish Ale (English bitter) and Quayside Coolie (a Vanilla porter).

Head brewer Challa has left Singapore for Bangalore, India, to join brewpub Prost.



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