The name Laphroaig evokes a great many emotions. It’s arguably the most definitive of the Islay style of whiskies, a style that’s most polarising among the uninitiated. Upon a sip of Laphroaig, much has been said; colourful descriptives, clever turns of phrase, even belligerent rants that are lyrically astounding. They say that it’s a whisky you buy for your best friend as well as your worst enemy. But one thing is never in doubt: it is not a whisky that lets you forget.

The latest ad campaign from Laphroaig strongly embraces this identity. Called Opinions Welcome, it celebrates the drink’s strong identity and its ability to get a reaction, be it good or bad, which is brilliant as Laphroaig knows that they’re not going to please everyone, and nor do they want to. On the site, you’re welcome as well to freely voice your own opinion, colourful or otherwise, on a particular bottle of Laphroaig that compelled you to do so. Some of the comments are pure gold – here’s my favourite for at the moment (a ludicrous one of course):

Laphroaig Opinion

And it’s at this point that I realise too, that I’ve never ever forgotten what my first taste of Laphroaig was like (although, to be fair it was the first peated whisky I’ve ever tried).


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