Cointreau Singapore recently launched a series of collaboration parties called La Maison Cointreau where they would partner with some of Singapore’s most renown bars to present special monthly consumer parties that feature limited edition, one-night only cocktail creations… using Cointreau, but of course.

Its first such party took place on October 1st at Tess Bar & Kitchen; the nextone will happen on 12 November at highly-acclaimed bespoke cocktail bar Bitters & Love.

La Maison Cointreau x Bitters & Love will present “One Night In Paris“, where Bitters & Love head bartender Naz Arjuna will be joined by guest bartenders La Maison Cointreau alumni Steve Leong of TESS Bar & Kitchen and Mohammad Ashur of Lucha Loco where they will create two Cointreau cocktails each as inspired by the romantic city of Paris.

“I’ve never understood people who just go out for one drink. Once I have one drink, I want all the drinks.” ― Vicki Lesage, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

“La Maison Cointreau was first introduced to inspire mixologists to push their creative boundaries and explore limitless cocktail variations with Cointreau, the heart of cocktails,” said Elisabeth Tona, Regional Marketing Director of Rémy Cointreau South East Asia, Middle East and India. “After witnessing the amazing talents of our local mixologists at La Maison Cointreau Singapore last year, we knew we had to share the experience with our consumers. These parties are the perfect opportunity for us to bring the avant-garde spirit of La Maison Cointreau to cocktail lovers and party-goers in Singapore, while at the same time supporting our thriving local bar scene.”

La Maison Cointreau x Bitters & Love “One Night In Paris” is open to the public.

La Maison Cointreau Bitters & Love



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