The chin-length bob, the slinky flapper dress, the cloche hat, and yes, even makeup, were powerful symbols for women during the period known as the Roaring Twenties. Women’s suffrage had been introduced across North America and most major European countries giving the fairer sex the right to vote, and these newly liberated women also took to expressing themselves in other forms; in fashion, a bigger representation in the workforce, listened to jazz, with their newly-found purchasing power and – ahem – in sexual liberation as well.

More importantly to us, however, these women helped spur the growth of the Golden Age of cocktails across major cities, whether it’s New York, London or Paris. Cointreau played a role in that era; inspired mixologists of that day coming up with cocktail recipes using the bitter orange liqueur that today form part of the classics – the Sidecar and the White Lady, for example. These cocktails would be the drinks newly-liberated women imbibed.

Intensely sweet from the use of the peels of sweet and bitter oranges, the orange liqueur is a feature of many famous cocktails – the Daiquiri, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sidecar and White Lady, among others. 

To celebrate that spirit of liberation, Cointreau has launched a special limited edition “Roaring 20’s” bottle – it’s essentially the same liquor made from bitter oranges, but this time the classic Cointreau bottle is encased in an Art Deco-inspired bronze metal box starring the silhouette of the iconic 1920’s Flapper, toting a Cointreau Fizz in mid-dance.

The Cointreau Roaring 20’s Limited Edition is now available in Singapore at Le Rouge outlets, retailing at S$74.90. Women’s lib has never been this affordable.


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