In this disturbing episode of the Weekender, we find out that you can buy nude calendars for a beery good cause. Meanwhile, scientists could be able to recreate a long lost, old world wine. We also find that there’s something worse than putting booze into your baby – actually doing it.

When the slightly amusing meets the mildly disturbing (borderline juvenile meets paedophile), you’ll get something along the lines of The Cool Baby. Simon Philion was convinced that his contribution and lasting legacy to the world was to be this: a boozed-filled baby doll in a baby carrier that you drink out of. Let me repeat that: a boozed-filled baby doll in a baby carrier that you drink out of. While we won’t know if it will go into production eventually but what we do learn though is that there’re a lot of comedians around as well who think it’s a lark and have backed the project. Go ahead and if pledge if you want. We won’t judge. Really. (via Kickstarter)


AncientGrapeSeedsMeanwhile in another part of the world where actual work is being done, scientists literally hit paydirt when charred wine grape seeds were found in a rubbish dump near the ruins of Hallutza in Negev. Apparently the seeds are 1,500 years old, and are suggested to be the first clear evidence pointing to winemaking in the area, dating to the time of the Byzantine Empire. The excitement stems from the fact that the Negev vine is essentially lost to the world, and the next logical step is to recreate the wine that was highly rated (these days we call it hyped) back in the day. (via Decanter)

ScandalScreen time can be great advertising for a product, and is testimony to the virtues of product placement… when it isn’t actual product placement. Which is why Crate & Barrel stocks, or rather, has trouble keeping in stock, a humble hand-blown Slovakian red wine goblet called Camille, that is prominently and regularly featured on ABC’s political thriller, Scandal. Protagonist Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is often seen ending her bad days with a healthy dose of red in said glass, which i guess is what most people do as well. Sales quadrupled from 2012 to 2013, and as of December 2014, monthly sales figures are at their highest ever. (via Wine Spectator)

ArKayBeing the world’s first would be a good thing, right? Not if it’s non-alcoholic whiskey, we think, but then again we haven’t tried it so we’re not going to knock it… yet. First launched in 2011, surely it can’t be all that bad if it’s still around today to launch a new flavour: Cinnamon. ArKay’s latest product is described to be a combination of American Bourbon, Spanish Sherry, and Malaga aromas, cinnamon and spices, and is apparently certified halal. (via The Spirits Business)

SuntoryFinding those Yamazakis and Hakushus hard to come by these days? Blame the increased demand for Japanese whiskies these days. And Jim Murray. Beam Suntory has reported a 26% increase in sales for Hibiki, Yamazaki, and Hakushu, and is forecasting an 18% increase in net sales for its alcohol segment, so it’s not going to get any easier. It’s a no-brainer at this point: increased prices, and more no age statement stuff on the horizon probably; get used to it or find another fix. (via The Spirits Business)

Nude calendars can be sleazy, artful, or just a display of bad-assery (take it whichever way you will). Co-owner of Brisbane’s The Scratch Bar, Benjamin Nichols, however, can stand on the moral high ground as proceeds from the sales of the Brewed Nude calendar go to a local charity, . The calendar features the fine bodies of Brisbane’s beer community, in various states of partial undress, although it doesn’t come with a guarantee to titillate. To indulge in a little beer porn for charity, click here(via The Crafty Pint)



Picture credits: from their respective linked sources, cover pic from Brewed Nude



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