How many of us are in our dream jobs? Not too many, we presume. Between dead-end jobs, low-paying ones, or just stuck in those we’re simply disinterested in, if we didn’t need the money to survive many of us would rather spend our time drinking beer.

But what if you’re paid to drink beer? If that sounds right up your alley, Carlsberg is looking for you. The Copenhagen, Denmark-based beer brand – the fourth largest beer company in the world, to be exact – is looking to hire a beer taster for four hours of work, with an attractive remuneration package of S$10,000 (that’s $2,500 per hour of work, for those of you too lazy to count).

Not just that, the candidate Carlsberg is looking for does not need to possess any experience or educational background relevant to the industry (aside from the drinking of beer, that is). The job scope involves enjoying “probably the best beer in the world”, hanging out with friends and having fun. That’s right, it’s the role of being a Carlsberg ambassador for one day.

If this recruitment campaign sounds too good to be true, it’s really part of the next phase of the “If Carlsberg Did…” campaign which was launched in June this year. Its recent “If Carlsberg Did Fitting Rooms…” commercial spot gave legions of bored males something to wish for the next time they get dragged along on a shopping trip with the girlfriend.

Now, Carlsberg is back to put a different spin on meeting rooms. Their latest “If Carlsberg Did Meeting Rooms…” print campaign depicts what is probably the most inspiring boardroom in the world — a larger-than-life swimming pool complete with a floating conference table and a Carlsberg bar just within reach. “The first things that often come to mind when one thinks of work are grey walls, conference rooms and tiny cubicles – elements that generally do not inspire,” said Jolene Yeo, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Singapore. “If anyone were to make meeting rooms extraordinary, it would be Carlsberg, but we only make beer. We hence wanted to deliver probably the best work experience to beer lovers in Singapore by offering probably the best job in the world.”

OK so Carlsberg is probably overselling the role – it really is just a four hour gig, and not a full-time job after all – but getting paid ten grand for drinking beer in less than half a day is pretty hard to beat. So if you feel it’s something you want to do, apply for probably the best job in the world at (open to all Singaporeans aged 18 and above) from now until 7 December 2015.


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