To usher in “probably the best year” yet, Carlsberg commissioned the painting of a spring couplet for the coming Chinese New Year that entered the Singapore Book of Records as the nation’s largest spring calligraphy attempt.

Carlsberg had on 28 January engaged accomplished and prominent Taiwanese-calligrapher Christina Chen to paint a series of traditional four-character greetings on a 16-metre long red scroll at Capitol Piazza. The New Year festival couplet (春联 chūn lián), a scroll that is traditionally hung over the lintel and posts of the doorway to bless the household, set the record as the country’s largest and earning the feat an entry in the Singapore Book of Records. Artist Chen even added some Carlsberg beer into the ink used for painting the words.

“Chinese New Year has always been one of the most celebrated occasions at Carlsberg Singapore, and we’re thrilled to be kicking off ‘Probably The Best Year’ by entering the Singapore Book of Records with ‘Probably The Best Record Breaking Couplet’,” said Jimmy Toh. “There’s no better way to start off the year than by making history with this spectacular feat. From everyone at Carlsberg Singapore, here’s a toast to ‘Probably The Best Year’ (20 一流)!”

For the festive season Carlsberg also introduced some limited edition cans to celebrate the coming Year of the Monkey, emblazoned with festive greetings such as friendship (友情 yŏu qíng), luck (运气 yùn qì), and fortune (财运 cái yùn).


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