The House of Martell – the iconic French cognac house, and not the one from the fictional Game of Thrones book and HBO TV series – is known for creating many a fine cognac, but true connoisseurs of brandies hunt for those that have been specifically produced from eaux-de-vie from grapes that were grown within from the Grande Champagne district – the best of six different “cru”, or classified growth areas, and not to be confused with the winemaking region of Champagne – within the département of Charente.

The terrior of that region is said to provide dominant floral notes to the eaux-de-vie which express themselves beautifully after proper, careful maturation in old French Limousin or Tronçais oak casks. And it was to this aged eaux-de-vie, of between 40 to 50 years, that Martell turned to when it partnered with Habanos to produce the first Cohiba Cognac back in 2006. The super premium cognac was specifically made for pairing with cigars in mind, with the sweet berry and floral tones complementing the typically spicy, smoky notes of Cohiba cigars.

Pernod Ricard officially launches the Martell Cohiba cognac this month into the Singapore market. Yielding complex and intense aromas Martell Cohiba is obviously an excellent match with almost any cigar, but for non-smokers it is also a perfect pairing with dark chocolates.

Martell Cohiba Cognac is available for purchase at La Casa Cubana at a recommended retail price of $888 before GST, or direct from Pernod Ricard Singapore by emailing

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Martell Cohiba Cognac – Official Tasting Notes

NOSE Gentle notes of berries, dried fruits: toasted almonds, hazel and other nuts, roasted coffee beans subtle floral aromas, touch of liquorice and slight nutty notes.

PALATE Rounded, smooth and sweet attack a touch of liquorice and a slight nutty note in the finish.

Daniel says

Predominantly berry fruit compote and potpourri bouquet with overarching hints of cocoa nibs and caramelised nuts on the nose. Alcohol is well hidden within a spiced berry jammy sweetness, tapering off to a roasted cocoa roundedness and dried lavender and a hint of anise in the finish.


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