La Maison Cointreau recently launched Cointreau Noir into the Singapore market, and for the Christmas season it’s even got new garb – the Cointreau Noir Coffret.

If you’ve not yet heard about the Cointreau Noir, it blends the iconic triple-sec with Rémy Martin, one of the world’s finest cognac. The blend is then enriched with macerated nuts and almonds for more complexity, so you get flavours of vanilla, honey, and nuts that rounds out the citrusy sweetness of the orange liquor.

The festive Cointreau Noir Coffret even comes with a pair of glasses specially crafted to enhance the experience of drinking the orange liquor and cognac blend by allowing it to breathe, much like how a proper glencairn allows whisky to breathe and capture those deliciously elusive aromas.

coffret cointreau noir

Cointreau Noir is best drunk with a little bit of ice though, but it’s also terrific in a simple long drink spiked with dry ginger ale, apple juice or soda.

You can get the Cointreau Noir Coffret online, available at online retailer for S$86.


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