Johnnie Walker House has launched its collectible Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition, a set of four limited-edition bottles that celebrates the evolution of the brand’s iconic Striding Man logo.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition is a four-bottle set put together into a single collection. The design on each individual bottle chronicles the various evolutions of the Striding Man logo first created in 1908 by popular British comic book illustrator Tom Browne from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Later in 1929 that logo was redesigned by Leo Cheney, who added colour for the first time for a more contemporary look. It would evolve again another two times – first by John Geary in 1996, and then refreshed in 2015 by Gary Redford. Today that logo – the signature top hat, double-breasted coat, black boots and long-knobbed cane – has entered into popular culture… and bars worldwide.

“From the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world, the evolution of the Striding Man has played a defining role in establishing Johnnie Walker as one of the world’s first modern luxury brands with a distinguished brand logo,” said Lawrence Law, Global General Manager for Johnnie Walker House. “We are pleased to pay tribute to this timeless icon with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition.”

But the spirit remains the same – originally inspired by the flavours of Alexander Walker’s legendary 1867 ‘Old Highland Whisky’ and considered to be the epic, ultimate expression of the Johnnie Walker brand.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition is sold at Johnnie Walker Houses worldwide. Price is upon asking in store.


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