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BottlesXO – which promises to bring wine to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore within the hour ready for drinking – adds craft beers to its lineup.

BottlesXO is a wine delivery service first launched in March last year that offered to send properly chilled bottles of wine to anywhere in under an hour flat by leveraging the latest technologies. The service has announced earlier this month that it has added craft beers from Europe as part of its offerings, with beers from Italy’s Birra Follina and ENKi Ale, Germany’s Faust, as well as France’s Henri Darnat.

Italy’s craft beer scene has been exploding in recent years with multiple breweries opening up across the Italian peninsula, and with its introduction by BottlesXO Birra Follina and ENKi join fellow Italian craft beer brands Baladin and Birra del Borgo, amongst others, in Singapore’s craft beer market.

Winemaker Henri Darnat is better known for the wines it makes from its Mersault base in Cote de Beaune of Bourgogne, but its blonde beers are made special because they spend some time aging in those Chardonnay barrels for added flavour. These beers are currently exclusive to BottlesXO.

Keeping bottles of wine properly stored and transported is important, but for beers – which are a lot more fragile due to their lower ABV and sometimes unpasteurised nature – it is even more important; BottlesXO’s advanced logistics chain should ensure that beers are delivered in the most proper condition.

You can order these craft beers through BottlesXO’s mobile app.


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