To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Japanese beverage company Asahi has launched a limited-edition seasonal beer, the Clear Asahi Sakura in Singapore.

The last vestiges of this year’s cherry blossom season may be almost over – you can still catch some of it in Hokkaido – but for Singapore it has just begun. In the figurative sense, that is. Asahi has introduced the Clear Asahi Sakura, a seasonal beer celebrating both the spring season and its 30th anniversary.

Asahi first launched its Karakuchi “Dry Flavour” Asahi Super Dry beer back in 1987, developed on the back of a consumer survey that revealed many beer drinkers in Tokyo and Osaka weren’t able to differentiate most commercial beers from one another. The new crisp and dry beer – in beer brewing speak, a highly-attenuated version of a German style pilsner – was positioned specifically to challenge that assumption – and worked beyond the company’s wildest imaginations.

Not only did the development of Asahi Super Dry become a watershed in the history of Japanese beer, it’s also become a valuable case study for the global beer industry (Budweiser and Coors even launched their own versions to combat Asahi’s encroachment into the North American markets). Even better for Asahi, it became Japan’s best-selling beer, moving over 100 million cases annually for over 25 years and can now be found in major cities of 50 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

The new limited-edition Clear Asahi Sakura – inspired by that achievement – heralds the new spring. It is part of the Clear Asahi product line and a cousin to the Asahi Super Dry family, which is better known for the Super Dry Lager and Super Dry Black Lager. The beer offers a pleasantly refreshing light aroma and flavour notes reminiscent of spring flowers with a mild hoppy finish.

Clear Asahi Sakura is now available from $4.80 per 350ml can in approximately 300 7-Eleven stores islandwide, subject to GST and prevailing in-store promotions.


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