Following successful market launches in Australia and the United States, Treasury Wine Estates has introduced its unconventional Australian wine brand 19 Crimes to Singapore.

Australia-based wine company Treasury Wine Estates – which owns and distributes global brands such as Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Beringer, Beaulieu, and many others – have introduced 19 Crimes into the Singapore market. Inspired by Australia’s pioneering history where British felons in the 18th century were shipped to the harsh frontier colony for various crimes, 19 Crimes plays on the idea that good things can come from a checkered past.

Labels come emblazoned with mugshots of actual criminals that have been convicted of one (or more) of nineteen crimes that are punishable with banishment to the frontier colony, such as grand larceny, theft, or even for the bizarre act of “impersonating an Egyptian”. That said wine connoisseurs may somewhat totally judge the labels for lacking in information; what we do know is that Treasury Wine Estates technical winemaker Tony Robinson is heavily involved in the making of 19 Crimes.

So you won’t find too much detail about what goes into the 19 Crimes 2015 Red Blend, for example, although the official tasting notes of dark berry fruits and chocolate hint towards Cabernet Sauvignon being dominant in the blend, and we suspect, some Shiraz as well.

The 19 Crimes 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon is barely more descriptive, although based on Australian wine law we can certainly assume that this wine has to have at least 85% Cabernet Sauvignon in its makeup. Its tasting notes of currants and berries is described to be rounded out by sweet vanilla oak and caramel, which from its very modest pricing we suspect that aging on oak chips, rather than maturing in oak barrels, was de rigueur in the making of these wines.

The Shiraz, which rounds out the total 19 Crimes range, is currently not available in the Singapore market.

19 Crimes can be found at Cold Storage, Giant, Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Prime, Choices Convenience Store (SPC) and RedMart at a recommended retail price of S$24.90.


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