Asahi celebrates the heat of summer with a new limited seasonal beer, the Clear Asahi Summer.

This year is a pretty special one for Japanese beverage company Asahi; it celebrated the 30th anniversary of its hit Asahi Super Dry beer – which it first introduced back in 1987 – with the launch of the Clear Asahi Sakura in April this year. Their elation is understandable, after all that was the one product that became Japan’s best-selling beer and led them to dominate the Japanese domestic beer market and challenge quite a number of export markets as well.

Asahi has just launched Clear Asahi Summer, a seasonal release like the Clear Asahi Sakura but for summer; it’s really, we suspect, just another excuse to continue the celebration of the milestones achieved by its cousin Asahi Super Dry.

But unlike the Clear Asahi Sakura, which focuses on crisp floral notes, this summer edition takes a leaf from the Belgian witbier style that gets additional flavours from the use of coriander seeds and orange peels. Those adjuncts give a citrusy fruity flavour with a hint of savoury spice; unlike the usual Belgian witbiers though based on the beer’s amazing clarity it’s unlikely that Asahi used a hefty amount of wheat in its making, or if it used an ale yeast as the Belgians would have done.

What is clear though – hur hur – is that this beer is really quite perfect for quenching thirsts and cooling you down from the summer heat just as well as the Asahi Super Dry does.

Clear Asahi Summer is now available from $4.80 per 350ml can in approximately 300 7-Eleven stores island wide, subject to GST and in-store promotions. While stocks last.


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